what we do

We train individuals and teams in dynamic practices that lead to connection, communication, learning, and transformation.


Our work helps people (within organizations or any type of community) build foundations to thrive in their lives and their work.

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Our Principles of Change

  • Change is realized through relationships with other humans and the world around us

  • Power dynamics are ever present and can either cause or reduce harm

  • Effective decisions require the input from those closest to those decisions

  • Creative solutions for a group require radical inclusivity and openness

  • Both hierarchical and group decision-making can be empowering—it is the clarity and alignment around decision-making forms and dynamics that make them empowering for all


Our Approach

We offer consulting and training of leaders, teams, and groups in:

  • Practices of deep listening, learning, and inquiry

  • Circle-based governance principles, consent decision-making, and iterative design processes

  • Group processes that lead to creative states of knowing

  • Emergent and coherent structural design


We offer ongoing mentoring in integration of practices, processes, and principles into day-to-day leadership and operations of your organization.