8-Week Learning Journey for Teams

Building creative, resilient and functional teams through
training . practice . incorporation


it all started...

When leaders were asking us to support their teams to learn tools and practices that could support generativity and resilience in the face of the dynamic and constant change that is now the norm for all organizations and systems.


What they saw as challenges to be overcome, we see as opportunities to turn toward as sources of greater collective wisdom and creativity.

We know that

The conditions for greater creativity, connection, and resilience can be cultivated through simple practices and shared intentions. 






We believe it is important to get to know you before we work with you. This creates the conditions in which we can then customise the learning journey to align to the organizations purpose, mission and culture. 


WHO IS this training FOR?

Functional teams and project teams that are looking to connect and maximise their productivity and creativity.





Building and maintaining trusting, flexible and resilient team relationships

The cornerstone of every team is their sense of connection to each other, when a team feel and are connected all of the rest flows.


Authentic and clear communication

Communication where people feel listened to, seen and messages are received as intended.


Productive on purpose meetings

As teams feel more connected there is no longer a need for  meetings for meetings sake.


Group idea generation and creative problem solving

Group led innovation, maximizing the creative genius in and of the team.

Efficient and effective decision making 

When, why and how to involve the group in decision making.


Turning conflict into generative learning

Transforming emotional tension to creative tension, propelling the teams shared mission.


Being on mission as a group

Shared clarity of vision and mission with openness and flexibility in how this achieved.


Increased productivity

Maximizing the potential of the individual’s unique skills within a team environment.


8-week schedule example


PRE TRAINING: Introduction to the Fundamentals of the  ConnecTeam Practice - 1/2 day team training

  • WEEK 1: ConnecTeam - Team Practice setup - Facilitated - 2 hours 

  • WEEK 2: Team Practice - ConnecTeam - Group-led - 2 hours

  • WEEK 3: ConnecTeam - Purposeful Meetings - Facilitated - 2 hours 

  • WEEK 4: Team Practice - Purposeful Meetings - Group-led - 2 hours 

  • WEEK 5: ConnecTeam - Group Decision Making - Facilitated - 2 hours 
  • WEEK 6: Team Practice - Group Decision Making - Group-led - 2 hours

  • WEEK 7: ConnecTeam – Turning Conflict Into Generative Learning - Facilitated - 2 hours 

  • WEEK 8: Team Practice - Conflict - Group-led - 2 hours 

INCORPORATION: Review and incorporation of ConnecTeam Practice- facilitated - 1/2 day 




LOCATION: All sessions delivered on site where team is based

TEAM SIZE: 8 people and above / INVESTMENT: $900 per person *

TEAM SIZE: 5-7 people / INVESTMENT: $1200 per person*

*Does not include travel and material expenses.




Adam Rumack

Founder of The Open Circle, Adam has a Masters in Business Administration from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and a BA in Modern Literary Studies from UC Santa Cruz.  He served as Executive Director of The Ojai Foundation for 3 years of significant growth, after directing marketing efforts and leading youth programs there for 2 years prior. He has studied group facilitation from masters in the field, and leads workshop in Ojai, at the Esalen Institute, and other world-renowned educations for alternative learning.

Learn more about Adam here.


Miriam Joy Jones

Miriam has consulted and facilitated leadership and change programs with a huge variety of audiences from homeless teenagers to executives in a boardroom of the top Fortune 500 companies. She has successfully founded and led her own companies - Be Learning and The Momentum Collective - and lead both for profit and not for profit organizations in the personal transformation, organisational change and adult education sector. She recently completed a tenure as co-Executive Director of The Ojai Foundation with Adam Rumack where they developed the foundations on which The Open Circle is built. 

Learn more about Miriam here.



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