We envision

a world in which individuals, communities, and organizations live with genuine and joyful fulfillment; in harmony with each other and the natural world

we are making this a reality

by empowering individuals and organisations to take practical steps towards caring for themselves, each other, and the planet, while more effectively doing the work they have set out to do.. 

OUr services include:

  • One on one and small group transformative leadership coaching
  • Whole organization, team training and mentoring
  • Change management/organizational rite of passage
  • Transformative leadership retreats and workshops
  • Facilitator training for professional coaches, facilitators and consultants

Who we've worked with

  • Illuman, USA
  • Centre for Men, QLD, AUS
  • California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation, CA, USA
  • The Ojai Foundation, Ojai, CA, USA
  • Krotona Center for Theosophy, CA, USA
  • Snap, Inc.
  • X4 Health, Washington D.C., USA
  • Esalen Institute, CA, USA
  • Heartwood Institute, CA, USA
  • Surrender, Victoria, AUS
  • Column 5 Media, CA & NY, USA
  • Watershed Center, NY, USA
  • Unitarian Universalist Church, CA, USA
  • California Conservation Corp, CA, USA