Our work helps people (within organizations or any type of community) build foundations to thrive in their lives and their work.

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Our Principles of Change

  • Change is realized through relationships with other humans and the world around us

  • Power dynamics are ever present and can either cause or reduce harm

  • Effective decisions require the input from those closest to those decisions

  • Creative solutions for a group require radical inclusivity and openness

  • Both hierarchical and group decision-making can be empowering—it is the clarity and alignment around decision-making forms and dynamics that make them empowering for all


Our Approach

We offer consulting and training of leaders, teams, and groups in:

  • Practices of deep listening, learning, and inquiry

  • Circle-based governance principles, consent decision-making, and iterative design processes

  • Group processes that lead to creative states of knowing

  • Emergent and coherent structural design