Transforming organizations to meet a changing world.

We consult, train and mentor leaders, teams and organizations. Our work assists you to adapt to a world that is moving rapidly from hierarchies of power to circles of responsibility, care, and engagement.

Traditional organizational and leadership training tends towards teaching people and organizations how to be the master of their destiny - know what you want and having a plan to get there .

The complexity and urgency of the problems we are facing in the world today are beyond any one person - they require us to work together collaboratively across boundaries.  Most of us know this already, but the ways we work and organize have remained stagnant.

We offer:

-      Consultation: supporting systemic change in organizations and communities, and organizational development strategy

-      Qualitative assessment: organizational 360 assessment focused on interweaving reflections on behavior, culture and systems

-      Training and mentoring in group processes and practices to assist ongoing learning during transition and change


Corporations, small businesses, social enterprises, non-profits, social profits, and community groups come to us when they want to match their values with their actions at every level of their business or project team.


We work with organizations who are:

  • Authentically committed to their work having a positive social and environmental impact

  • Looking for greater alignment between what they do, how they do it, and the results they want to create

  • Seeking more engagement, creativity, and productivity from their staff and their board


"None of the usual touchy-feely meetings and training sessions that don’t go anywhere. Yours were more like dynamic growth sessions. And because you think different, you have the ability to get people and organizations unstuck.”

—Christine, partner and founder, X Health


“The idea and practice of collective wisdom was game changing for me. I experienced the way my personal transformation can inspire the evolution of our business. The way We are Open Circle creates transformation is a big deal. They walk the talk .”

—Jennifer Sweeney, partner, X Health


“We have too many meetings, too many phone calls. I love working with you guys in revamping our meetings and learning processes to make them efficient, effective and faster. There have been so many times when designing client programs that I have said, ‘I wonder what Adam and Miriam would put here so we are not closing the conversation down ... ensuring it is not just our brains and our thinking and shutting off what potentially could come from others .”

— Business Manager, Finance Industry