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Leadership in a world transforming: online October - December 2019

  • Online Zoom Training (map)

Learn how to integrate circular systems of organization in a rapidly changing world

“Open Circle trainings are dynamic growth sessions. 

They train you to think differently and have this unique ability to get people and organizations unstuck.”

Christine Brechtel

The complexity and urgency of the problems we face in the world today are beyond any one person or organization - they require us to work together collaboratively across boundaries.

We are Open Circle works alongside leaders and facilitators of organizations and groups that are aiming to respond effectively and holistically to the challenges and opportunities they face/. 

We train awareness and teach skills that assist the movement from collective folly and toward collective wisdom.

This six-week online course will support anyone who wishes to learn practical and measurable ways to apply circular forms of organization, decision making, and collaboration within current systems of power and hierarchy. 

As an outcome of this training you will be asked to learn and apply: 

-      practices for deep listening, learning, and inquiry 

-      processes for circle-based feedback and conflict exploration

-      consent decision making and iterative design thinking processes

-      group processes that lead to creative state and different forms of knowing 

This course focuses on the practical integration of circular organization forms and principles. There are six 2-hour modules online followed by a one-hour one-on-one mentoring session to support your onward journey of learning and application. Between each module, there are approximately two hours of reading and preparation time.  Participants are given the option of working with a buddy between sessions.

While this course is not teaching the structural redesign of organizations and groups, it is ideal for leaders and facilitators who are considering this or in the midst of it (whether by choice or circumstance). 

Each module will contain a check-in looking at how the practices and principles are integrating practically in the groups and organizations to which people belong. Then teaching of core content from the four levels of our training. The intention is to plant seeds and sow creativity in leaders and facilitators in the possibilities of working in different ways. 

The pre-requisite for this training is our Level One foundational program learning how to facilitate a circle based listening practice (some exceptions will be made for equivalent experience). 

 Weekly Tuesday sessions run online from 230pm - 5 pm Sessions will be recorded. Sessions start Tuesday, October 22 and end Tuesday, December 3rd. Each person will have a buddy throughout the course.  One on one mentoring sessions needs to be scheduled prior to the end of September.

Module One                Introduction, review and principles 

February 19th, 230pm - 5pm

-      Integrating circle based listening practices into your group and 
leadership style

Module Two                Forms for feedback and conflict

February 26th, 230pm- 5pm

-      Co-mentoring forms for feedback

-      Circle based conflict practices


Module Three             Deciding how to decide and consent decision making          

March 4th, 230pm - 5pm

-      Introduction to deciding how to decide

-      Practice Consent decision-making process


Module Four               Integrating hierarchy with circular based decision making

March 11th, 230pm - 5pm

-      Review consent-based decision making

-      Operational and governance

-      Circle based organizations


Module Five                Collective Creativity

March 18, 230pm - 5pm

-      Applying principles of Open Space to creative strategy

-      Creating shared agendas

-      Strategy sessions


Module Six                  Case Studies and practical application

March 25, 230pm - 5pm

-      Case studies 

-      Integration

-       Review and questions