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Level 4: Inviting Radical Trust into our lives and work: Blue Mountains Australia

  • Alpine Cottage Stanger Avenue Wentworth Falls, NSW, 2782 Australia (map)

Inviting radical trust into our lives and work

Belief, unbelief and not knowing

Radical trust comes when your mind can travel the distance between belief, unbelief and not knowing.

What cultivates your wonder and curiosity?

How can we keep them alive in the pressures of our to do list?

What is the price we pay when we do not?

In this training, we develop your ability to inhabit the unknown - opening to a place of revelation where things are given space to change and new possibilities are revealed. Building a discernment  - your strength in awareness, trust in the process and resilience to truly step into and explore the unknown. 

Opening to new possibilities means inevitably facing death - the route cause of most of our fears. Death to parts of our self, death of our ideals, death of projects or even organizations that we have birthed, a death that sometimes has already happened and reveals our attachment to clutching on to what is familiar and the safety of the known.

The practical application of this in groups and organizations is training in processes and states that cultivate emergent group strategy and an attitude within groups of continual learning. FOr individual leaders and facilitators we focus on their relationship to planning and emergence - developing the art of balance and flexibility in group work.

  • Walking the path of belief, unbelief and not knowing

  • Cultivating flow state in groups and organizations

  • Collective strategy- principles and practices for emergent group thinking in groups

  • Relationship between planning and presence

  • Integrating structures and processes in day to day group meetings for iterative and action learning