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Level 3: Rebalancing power, authority and decision making: Berkeley CA

Rebalancing power, authority and decision making:

Aligning the way you work to your mission in a complex changing world

As you step into using your gifts and resources in service you inevitably face the navigation of systems of  power in the structures and forms of this world. Some are useful to your mission and some are not.

Can you become what is needed without the loss of the self or the efficacy of the mission? 

Can you manage the loneliness and anxiety that will surely emerge?

This training looks at underlying structures of power and how they relate to your mission and service. It focuses on developing a strength of purpose and the capacity to be clear and aligned in your decision making. While also following this cycle through to navigate the paradox of strength of purpose and the flexibility required in deep listening.

Over the three days we will build consciousness of the structures around us and build choices in the way we dismantle, adjust and align them to keep the efficacy of the groups or organizations purpose and mission we are leading.

The training will involve practical skill building and mentoring in creating meeting structures and decision making tools for both circle and hierarchical modes of decision making. We will focus on building structures that like a house in an earthquake can move with the changes and cycles of growth and development within and without.

  • Exploration of the complex nature of power and its potential to harm or give life

  • Whose authority is it? Putting into practice principles and practices of self management

  • Collective wisdom and collective folly:  the gifts and shadow of circle based organisations and structures

  • Lines, circles and spirals - hierarchy in natural systems

  • Design thinking and iterative learning

  • Deciding how to decide: Overview of different decision making tools 

  • Circle based governance systems and operational decision making

  • Putting it into practice: Aligning meeting structures to purpose

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