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Level 1: The Listening Circle at Boulder Colorado

  • Carriage House 8423 Stoneridge Terrace Boulder, CO, 80302 United States (map)

The Listening Circle: Leading a Transformational Practice in Life and Work

“Open Circle trainings are dynamic growth sessions. They train you to think differently, and they have a unique ability to get people and organizations unstuck.”


Christine Brechtel, President and Chief Strategist, X4 Health


The Listening Circle is …

a simple, adaptable, and scalable form for building trust, shifting stuck dynamics, and fostering connection to vision and purpose.

This workshop is designed for people who seek powerful new tools for personal empowerment, and also for those seeking new methods to implement organizational and/or community change.

During this two-day training, Miriam and Adam teach a process for group dialogue that builds trust, facilitates deep understanding, overcomes barriers to compassionate communication and decision making, and helps reduce personal conflict and suffering.

The Listening Circle can be a foundation for building organizational health and resilience, and for generative social change.

In this workshop you will:

  • Understand the basic principles and practices of collective wisdom and how they can create a bridge from divisive, hierarchical communication and decision making to more inclusive frameworks of collaboration, creativity and mutual support.

  • Learn a flexible form that creates the conditions for authentic, brave, and safer spaces of communication.

  • Build your emotional intelligence and learn how to apply it to group leadership in diverse and dynamic environments.

  • Learn to avoid coercion and manipulation toward vulnerability, while supporting each individual to explore their own edges safely.

  • Practice facilitating and participating in group process.

  • Apply circle-based systems in different contexts including educational environments, spiritual communities, prisons, businesses, government agencies and other communities.

Join us as we practice deep listening, learn how to facilitate listening circles, support transformation, and share the stories of our lives. 

A few testimonials about our trainings:

“A masterful weekend of exploration. This is excellent pioneering work…This training expanded my ability as both a leader and a facilitator to respectfully open space for people to share understanding on issues that matter and to reflect on problems in a healthy way.”

-      Brett Robin Wood, Founder, Creative Wisdom

It was a profound weekend – part retreat, part teaching and learning, part becoming community, part being inspired. Very important to me was the way We are Open Circle created a space of invitation and trust.  I was able to transform and change. There are very few places where I would have the courage or feel safe enough to do such a thing.I learned a great deal and I now have tools that I use regularly.” 

-Carolyn Wilkinson, Palliative Health Care Center Manager

Location and Timings

We are delighted to be hosted at the Carriage House in the hills of Boulder. This is a private residence - address will be given on registration.

Saturday August 24

930am - 5.30pm

Sunday August 25

930am - 4pm.



Module One: The Listening Circle: Key Elements of the Practice

  • Explore multi-modal listening and how it affects the quality of our relationship, decision making, and actions.

  • Listening deeply

  • Exploring the basic elements

  • Listening circle as a group mindfulness practice: witnessing the art-form of the group

Module Two: Transformational Leadership

  • Practical skills in building individual and group resilience in transition and change

  • Exploring cycles of transition and transformation

  • Movement activities

  • Nature-based work that increases sensitivity, perception, and discernment

  • Social resiliency and somatic practice for nervous system regulation


Module Three: Facilitating Emergent Dialogue

  • Understanding key elements for facilitating a listening circle (preparation for practicum)

  • Leading for collective wisdom

Module 4: Making it yours: leading a listening practice in your work and life

  • Apply the practice towards practical outcomes and to support resiliency, balance, and transformation in work and life

  • Practical application and facilitator mentoring

  • Applying circle-based systems in different environments