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Transforming organizations to meet a changing world in Boulder, CO

  • 2300 Emerald Road Boulder 80304 USA (map)

How can organizations shift to integrate both a system of hierarchy and circular leadership?

2.5 hour introductory experience of We are Open Circle’s work 

We are Open Circle consults, trains and mentors leaders, organizations and community groups. Our work assists them to adapt within a world that is moving rapidly from hierarchies of power to circles and networks of responsibility, care, and engagement.

We are not just individual agents acting in the world - we are also constantly interacting with what is more than us – other people and organizations, the physical environment and the dynamics of that which we cannot see. Our work with not for profits, for profits, social enterprises and community groups assists in developing deeper relationship with the diversity surrounding us in the day to day work and creatively restructuring and rebalancing to meet the specific challenges in our environments.

Traditional organizational and leadership training tends towards teaching people and organizations how to be the masters of their destinies - knowing what they want and having a plan to get there. Adopting the existing dominant systems of policy, interpersonal practices, and governance often leave well-intentioned socially aware organizations and communities to become lost in power struggles and martyrdom by a few.

Why is this urgent now?

The complexity and urgency of the problems we are facing in the world today are beyond any one person or organization - they require us to work together collaboratively across boundaries. Most of us know this already, but the ways we work and organize has remained stagnant and often creates more separation.  

Miriam and Adam, who have both led organizations through this shift, and have learned the joys and challenges of doing so, offer this 2.5 hour workshop to enable practices and skills needed to work, organize and lead in networks of circles.  You will be introduced to experiences and tools for open listening, continuous learning, and expanding your consciousness of group dynamics in decision making, all essential skills for transforming your life and your business or organization.

In working with We are Open Circle I experienced the way my personal transformation can inspire the evolution of our business. The way WOC creates transformation is a big deal. They walk the talk – they have done it and are living it.

Jennifer Sweeney, Co-Founder, X4 Health