Leaders, managers, and change-makers come to us when facing issues created by the digital environment, such as:

  • Managing local and global teams that come together and apart rapidly and require more online communication

  • Responding to a demand for more self-management resulting in flexibility and autonomy in the way people work

  • Facilitating projects and people amidst constant and rapid change requires flexibility, resilience, and creativity

  • Needing to create emergent, live solutions and learn from doing and reflecting and refining (active learning)


We cultivate ethical and transformational leadership, and resilient, generative organizations.

In addition to one-on-one coaching and mentoring and organizational development, we offer four levels of training workshops for leaders and facilitators. These are delivered as either two day training workshops or in modular format. We recommend practice sessions, either online or face to face between the levels to assist in the creative process of integrating the practices and processes within organizational priorities and goals.


We work with leaders who are:

  • Authentically committed to their actions having a positive social and environmental impact

  • Ready to experiment with new paradigms of thought, practice, and ways of organizing

  • Looking for greater alignment between what they do, how they do it, and the results they want to create


“You gave me short-cut practices and opened a world I normally don’t have access to. That was a very enlightening experience.”

—C-Suite Leader


“I loved learning the emergent design piece. The creation of an agenda in real time—that honors the people, the place, the circumstances of the moment—that gives fluidity to it—I am incorporating that in my work projects, client meetings, and many other areas.”

—C-Suite Leader