We cultivate transformative leadership and resilient organizations to meet the challenges of our times and the opportunities of tomorrow.

LEARNING JOURnEYS • Organizational ConsultinG • experiential workshops

Leadership Coaching • Purpose-driven Pilgrimage

All of our services support:

  • More purposeful work and shared culture
  • Increased sense of connection to self, others, your organization's purpose
  • Enhanced creativity, adaptability, and resilience
  • Greater capacity for learning and growth
  • Collaborative and interconnected teams
  • Cultivating creative tension while transforming emotional tension
  • Genuine employee and constituent engagement driven by passion and responsibility
  • Communities that care about each other, both professionally and personally

We do this by

Aligning ACtion with Values, purpose AND AIMS

  • Providing tools, practices and training that ensure alignment and engagement on values, purpose and aims throughout the organizations


  • Shared clarity and engagement in the organizations culture and direction: where we are heading and how we are creating together
  • Shared purpose: why we are doing what we are doing


Cultivating Connection and Care

  • Training in leadership of circle-based practices for deep listening, authentic communication and collective wisdom
  • Consulting on the integration of circle-based communication practices in the workplace
  • On-going mentoring for individuals and teams
  • Consulting, training and facilitating passages of change for individuals and organizations


  • Communities of care that foster individual and collective achievement and sustainability
  • Communities of practice for authentic, effective communication, and deeper understanding
  • Communities which celebrate change and cycles of life – acknowledging individual and organizational thresholds of change
  •  Connection in diversity – recognizing value in difference by celebrating and supporting creative (not emotional) tension

Strengthening Resilience and Awareness

  • Leadership consulting on the incorporation of dynamic governance into operational systems
  • Design of organizational decision making processes
  • Training leaders and teams in processes for circle-based consent decision making
  • Training in feedback systems aligned with circle-based decision making


  • Effective and dynamic decision making to meet the demands of a changing marketplace and/or growing company
  • Decisions which involve those closest to the idea/problem/issue
  • Organizational systems that ensure feedback, learning, and agility in driving forward movement of organization
  • Dynamic and iterative solutions 

Maximizing Creativity and Solution Orientation 

  • Leadership consulting to deepen and illuminate creative processes that integrate passion with purpose and responsibility
  • Meeting and retreat facilitation with teams and organizations to generate creative solutions and ideas aligned with purpose, vision and mission, along with strategic design to turn these ideas into action


  • More creativity  and collective responsibility for action
  • Community engagement in solving issues and problems
  • Work cultures of iterative design (rapid prototyping, testing, analyzing and improving on ideas, products, services and structures)
  • Creativity generated by passion and responsibility
  • Using tension between different functions to propel focused action