Four training levels


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Four levels of training

We offer our four levels of training for leaders, consultants and facilitators who want to learn the nuances of group dynamics in the context of group life. We offer them as public workshops around the world and we customize them for leaders in organization – offering them as a mixture of face to face modules and online. 

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Level 1: The Listening Circle – leading a transformational practice in life and work

In our Level One Training, we use the form of the circle, with its tendency to intervene in hierarchical and individualistic thinking and action, to cultivate a space of co-learning, mutual respect, and creativity. This 16 to 20-hour program empowers trainees to facilitate group processes of authentic sharing, open listening, and collective wisdom.


Level 2: Turning Conflict into Creativity

When normal hierarchical structures of power and control are shifted, emotional tension can be transformed into creative tension. To support this process of transformation, our Level Two Training works with conflict to achieve generative outcomes. Conflict exploration in this format includes working with projection, shadow, and the oft-obscured aspects of the life cycles of individuals and organizations (including disruption, disintegration and death) to discover generativity.


Level 3: Rebalancing power, authority and decision making

With the basic form of the circle practice, and a shared language and exploration of the more challenging aspects of group and organizational work, our Level Three Training explores power and authority in mainstream and alternative governance structures (including those of business, social or non-profit organizations, and educational/spiritual groups). Participants learn principles of circle-based governance and consent decision making for maximum engagement and efficiency.


Level 4: Inviting Radical Trust into our lives and work: belief, unbelief and not knowing

We believe that the most advanced practice of leadership and governance, is not knowing, being entirely open to what is unseen, emergent, and beyond current-paradigm awareness. This practice requires a deep investigation of our underlying biases, ideologies, and belief systems. Our Level Four Training offers group and individual practices that explore knowing (beliefs, ideologies, and biases) to move through not-knowing and perhaps arrive at new awareness and skillful action that can be integrated into your leadership and work.


Some comments from past participants

"It was a profound weekend – part retreat, part teaching and learning, part becoming community, part being inspired. Very important to me was the way WOC created a space of invitation and trust. I was able to transform and change. There are very few places where I would have the courage or feel safe enough to do such a thing. I learned a great deal and I now have tools that I use regularly.”

—CAROLYN WILKINSON, Palliative Health Care, Center Manager


"The experience and gentle breakthrough I received gave me courage to move on. There were challenging moments and uncomfortable realizations, both for individuals and the group as a whole, but due to the flexibility and authenticity of the facilitators, the potential for a positive and enriching experience was both maximized and actualized. I can use Listening Circle resources to enrich and bring focus to the way I encourage others to discover more about who they are and go deeper into their life-callings." ."

—Lucy Jasasuis, facilitator and coach


"I felt deeply connected to everyone in the group and embodied empathy in a way that I have not experienced before. I enjoyed listening to the stories—not judgments, interpretations, or teachings of others, but stories. I don’t know how to describe it really. It felt like we were a school of fish swimming through some turbulent waters together, holding fins, hand-in-hand.."

—Louise Sanseau, Yoga teacher, Yoga studio owner, and entrepreneur


"These are great programs, experiential learning, reflection and supported integration. I especially appreciated the capacity to slow down, to be in respectful conversations, and dig deep."

Michelle Brenner Holistic Conflict Resolution Consultant Nature Forest Therapy Guide