Facilitators, educators, coaches, and consultants come to us when they are genuinely interested in facilitating organizational and cultural evolution.

We have four levels of training alongside mentoring and internships to support your learning journey .

We start by exploring the nuances of facilitating a listening circle practice in your work, community, and relationships. This listening practice improves the resiliency of relationships and can assist in a group whether that be an organization, family or yoga school weathering the normal transition and change of every life. We teach complementary practices for embodiment, mindfulness, and exploration of systems based on a variety of world views.

In further levels we explore how to work with creative and emotional tension, power relations, practices for decision making, collective learning, principles of self-management based on passion and responsibility and processes for emergent strategy and creativity.


We work with facilitators who are:

  • Practitioners of transformational education

  • Authentically committed to their work supporting positive social and environmental impact

  • Looking for greater alignment between what they do, how they do it, and the results they want to create


“A masterful weekend of exploration. This is excellent pioneering work. A favorite quote of mine is, “Conflict is only a problem if you run out of space” (Harrison Owen). This training expanded my ability as both a leader and a facilitator to respectfully open space for people to share understanding on issues that matter and to reflect on problems in a healthy way.”

—Brett Robin Wood, Founder Creative Wisdom


“It was like coming home. The gift of connecting with others, through Open Circle, just having an opportunity and support to ‘deeply listen’ to others, was refreshing and life giving in managing an industry that is full of difficulty. I learnt some simple and effective tools for me as a leader, a facilitator, and a mother. I was inspired to put these into practice and have seen the way it affects the people and situations around me in positive ways”

—Barb Shearer- Jones Mental Health Business Manager and Group Facilitator