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Level 1: Agency and Communion Sydney Australia

Level 1: Agency and Communion:

Transforming organizations to change the world

2 day training for leaders and facilitators in organizations

This level 1 training to the organizational work of We are Open Circle is an invitation to pause, to listen, and become more available to life, to your work, to your community, and to personal and collective purpose.

Most organizational trainings will teach you and your organization to be the master of your destiny - the hero or heroine leading forward to change.

In our world today we are discovering the major limitations to this way of being.

This is because it is inherently false.

We are not just individual agents acting in the world - we are also constantly in communion and interacting with what is more than us – other people and organizations, the physical environment and yes even the cosmos - the energy of that which we can not see.

So yes we are agents but we are also in the field of communion – community - common ground - commonality and all that opens when we cultivate our sense of connection.

When we gather together in groups we can fall into a spectrum of behavior that moves from collective folly  - group think where people need to fall in line with the group and can not bring their whole selves -  to collective wisdom where the group operates with a creativity beyond the collective intelligence of the group.

In this training we will introduce the listening circle as a practice to support your organization unleashing its potential.

Narrative or Story is how we humans make meaning. The listening circle invites people to tell their stories and make meaning of their lives and environment together. In this way it builds consciousness of our interconnectedness which is the foundation of collective wisdom. 

The listening circle creates a meaningful pause in the doing of our workplace. A place, even if just for a moment in a meeting, where people come to digest and incorporate information and events through the sharing of their stories. This requires vulnerability. And it is this vulnerability that is the gateway to learning through change. 

Traditional forms of learning assume a false separation between mind and body in the learning process. A listening circle facilitates a practice that assists bringing our body and mind into our meetings together and enter our work through the gateway of our human connectedness and to access the creativity of the group . Sociological research tells us undeniably that this is what creates the difference between average and highly productive groups of people working together.


“This is a different way of thinking about human beings…..Individuals aren't really individuals. They're more like musicians in a jazz quartet, forming a web of unconscious actions and reactions to complement others in the group. You don't look at the informational content of the messages; you look at patterns that show how the message is being sent. Those patterns contain many signals that tell us about the relationship and what's really going on beneath the surface.” 

― Daniel CoyleThe Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups

Learning Outcomes:

  • Deeper ability to listen for a more related and compassionate approach to leading

  • Understanding key elements, competencies and forms of a listening circle 

  • Practice in facilitation of a listening circle and understanding how the practice can benefit organizational culture and productivity

  • Techniques for building resiliency in transition and transformation - both individually and in groups

  • Applying circle-based systems in different organizational environments

  • Practical planning for integrating the listening practice into organizational life