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Transforming organizations to change the world in Jackson, Wyoming USA

  • Inversion Yoga Jackson Hole, Wyoming USA (map)

Transforming organizations to change the world

2-4 hour experience of our work with organizations

This experiential introduction to the work of We are Open Circle is an invitation to pause, to listen, and become more available to life, to your work, to your community, and to personal and collective purpose.

Most organizational trainings will teach you and your organization to be the master of your destiny - the hero or heroine leading forward to change.

In our world today we are discovering the major limitations to this way of being.

This is because it is inherently false.

We are not just individual agents acting in the world - we are also constantly in communion and interacting with what is more than us – other people and organizations, the physical environment and yes even the cosmos - the energy of that which we can not see.

So yes we are agents but we are also in the field of communion – community - common ground - commonality and all that opens when we cultivate our sense of connection.

In this experience organizations will be introduced into practices and skills that will access the energy, power, creativity and resilience that is all around us so that we have choice in our agency and so we can be open to listen to the collective wisdom of the people and world around us.