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Turning Conflict into Creativity: Level 2 Leadership training in Sydney Australia

Change, transformation, and evolution depend on the tension between what is, and what will be.

As we open our circles of self, relationship and communities to the fertile ground of truth and authenticity, we often reveal underlying tensions that were quietly affecting the interactions and outcomes of our life and work. 

This tension can be emotional -- causing suffering, distress, and disfunction -- or it can be creative, inspiring healing, growth, and authentic connection.  

This training will offer ways of working with this tension to foster generativity, to overcome interpersonal challenges, and transform stagnant relationships into the fertile ground of creative new growth in your life and work.

You will learn to:

  • Understand the roots, causes and creative potential of conflict 

  • Identify and assess sources of tension and struggle within yourself, group and organization

  • Understand both individual and group or organizational dynamics that cause or maintain unhealthy patterns

  • Practice in working with emotional tension for more generative outcomes

  • Have more confidence in dealing with difficult situations that arise 

  • Assess and communicate blind spots and areas of avoidance for transformation